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Learn How to Make Your Own Wedding

Your wedding is a special day in your life. But, it can cost a fortune. The good news is that you can make your own wedding invitations, flowers, cake and more with our help.

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Wedding Plans

Make a Wedding Budget - Face it, weddings are expensive. But, there are plenty of ways to set a budget and stick to it.

Make Wedding Favors - There's no need to give expensive gifts. Make special wedding favors your family and friends will cherish.

Make a Wedding Speech - If it's your job to give the wedding speech, here are some tips to make it memorable -- in a good way.

Make Wedding Flowers - Wedding flowers can make or break your event. But, don't let cost keep you from having beautiful wedding flowers. Simply make them yourself!

Wedding Cake - Can you really make your own wedding cake? You bet you can!

Wedding Invitations
Make your wedding invitaitons at home and save a bundle.

Bridal Shower

Make a Bridal Shower Budget - Budget and stick to it, before planning a bridal shower.

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