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How to Make All Kinds of Household Items
This is a growing library of instructions on how to make all kinds of household items. You'll find information on making things like making candles, Roman blinds, furniture, soap and more.

Learn How to Make a Table
If you have experience with woodworking tools, making your own table can be great fun. Not only will you get the piece of furniture you want, but you'll save money and have the satisfaction of doing a great job. But not everyone is adept with the various saws and hardware needed, nor do they have in-depth knowledge about selecting woods or how to provide for stress-bearing.

How to Make a Dish Soap
The frugal housekeeper is always on the lookout for ways to cut household costs, and still get their chores done with efficiency. Some people have come up with innovative ways to substitute their own "formulas" for liquid dish soap.

How to Make Window Cleaner
If you don't care for the often scented, and even more often expensive window cleaners on the market, there's no reason at all that you can't make your own cleaner at home!

How to Make Soap 
Believe it or not, it's still possible to make soap the way that pioneers did, and have it come out quite decently, certainly not as harsh, and even scented with something like essential oils. The process is a long one, and really needs some study of the technique with an emphasis on proper handling of the ingredients, proving, etc.

How to Make Roman Blinds
If you can sew, then making your own Roman Blinds is really quite a simple job. First, you'll need fabric for the main blind, and a liner. Measure your window width, and allow an inch to either side for seams. A good way to estimate the length, is to measure the window vertically, then add 20%. So if it was 50" high, your fabric should be 60", plus an inch for the top and bottom seams.

How to Make Candles
Candle making can be a fun hobby, and one the children can participate in, with appropriate adult supervision. You can go as high tech as getting all your supplies at a craft store, or making do with what you have at home.

How to make an Embroidery Pattern
Even if you aren't artistic, you can learn how to make an embroidery pattern in little time.

How to make a Microwavable Heating Pad

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