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How to Make a Gift Basket

There are a zillion gift basket themes to choose from and they're very fun to make. Here are just a few ideas of gift baskets to make, but the possibilities are endless.

The two most important considerations when you want to make a gift basket, are the shape of the basket itself, and what you plan to put in it. Even if you only have a vague idea of the contents, such as bathroom products, that will give you some idea of how much can be put in a basket, due to the different shapes of things that could be included.

Throughout the year, watch for inexpensive baskets wherever you go. I find great baskets of all shapes and sizes at dollar stores. However, you aren’t limited by baskets. Use anything from a popcorn tin to a beach pail filled with goodies for an inexpensive gift.

For example, a great couples gift, is a coffee or tea set. These are popular combinations for commercially prepared gift baskets, but when you know the recipient, you can tailor it to their exact tastes. Perhaps he likes a mug with a large handle for big fingers, and she likes a china teacup. You'll want a basket that has enough room to accommodate both without having them pressing together and breaking should the basket be jarred or bumped. Round baskets are okay for this type of gift, but you'll find that an oval or rectangular basket gives you more room to separate the two "focal" objects.

And remember, you want to purchase a basket that the person is likely to be able to use afterwards. So even if you choose to make a luxury gift basket of bath accessories, and include a loofah, body gel, shampoo, nailbrush, bubble bath, and lotion, you can still use a fanciful wire basket that would be perfect for holding fruit on the kitchen cupboard or table!

Once you have your basket filled, you might like to dress it up a little with the same colored "grass" as Easter baskets, or with some crushed tissue paper, and a handful of foil confetti. You can wrap your basket with as much class as a gift store, simply by purchasing a roll of patterned or plain cellophane, and cutting a piece large enough to fit up over the top, and be gathered in the center for tying with a big bow.

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