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Learn How to Make All Kinds of Fun Stuff

Learn how to make lots of fun stuff. Everything from go-carts to rubber bands and so much more.

Learn How to Make a Rubber Band Gun
Back in the days when kids made a lot of their toys, some devious little mind came up with a way to fire rubber bands off more than their own thumbs. Thus was born the rubber band gun. Today, they're enjoying such a resurgence of popularity, that you can even buy guns carved from wood, that replicate actual weapons such as repeating rifles, pistols and more.

Learn How Footballs are Made
Football is a variation of English rugby, right? Yes...and no. Football as we know it now, had its roots in the English turf, but kicking games have been around for centuries. From China in 200B.C. through Italy in the 15th century, men love to kick things around, although often the object was whatever came in handy.

Tarot Card Reading
Nobody knows the true origin of Tarot cards. What we do have for historical relics, are decks that have survived from 15th century Italy, when they were used in card games, the decks being individually drawn and painted, often commissioned by rich patrons.

How to Make a Phone
One of the most fun experiments for young children, is something that has been enjoyed for many years, likely since "convenience" foods started appearing in cans.

How to Build a Robot
Lots of kids dream about building their own robot, and even go as far as creating a robot suit out of boxes and plastic bottles, to act out the part. But to actually build a functioning robot, they're going to need to be a little older, and able to understand the programs that drive a "robot".

How to Make a Go-cart
Once upon a time, go-carts were a pleasant summer's pastime for many kids, and the pieces used to put them together were varied and often inspired, with necessity being the mother of invention. Today, making a go-cart is approaching the same scientific methods used to craft a Formula I race car, with finely tuned and specially designed motors, and lightweight metal bodies of the most aerodynamic designs.