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How to Build a Robot

Lots of kids dream about building their own robot, and even go as far as creating a robot suit out of boxes and plastic bottles, to act out the part. But to actually build a functioning robot, they're going to need to be a little older, and able to understand the programs that drive a "robot".

David Cook has an excellent book available in stores or online, called "Building Robots for Beginners". This is for the amateur hobbyist who has never taken a crack at the project before, and needs to know all the steps, what parts are needed, and how to assemble them.

In the book, Cook discusses essentials such as the basic parts required for a robot, and supplies a list of where they can be purchased. He also focuses on safety, which many might not think is an issue, but you are dealing with electronics, and circuitry, so it's good advice.

You'll delve into the world of multimeters, and how to get the most out of the one you buy. Then you'll be introduced to "Sandwich", the line robot made from a plastic sandwich container. Study all the plans, dials and switches, and then by following the instructions included, you'll be able to replicate this simple but very entertaining robot.

Robots need power, and for that, you're going to have to consider battery sources. Those batteries are going to operate a system that uses resistors, clips, leads, and LEDs. In addition, there's detailed guidance on breadboards, motherboards, wheels, motors, soldering and body building.

It's a great elementary introduction into the world of robots, and once you've grasped those basic concepts, the whole world of robotics is opened for you!