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Learn How to Make Lots of Different Kinds of Paper

It used to be done all the time thousands of years ago, but what if you want to make different kinds of paper today? We've some advice for you here.

How to Make Paper
Thousands of years ago, the Egyptians made what became the first paper, by cutting thin layers from the papyrus stem, and beating it flat, and drying it. Thus, the name "paper". But the first paper made from a variety of fibers, was a Chinese invention of the second century A.D. that utilized mashed and shredded hemp and mulberry bark.

How to Make Origami
Origami is an ancient Japanese tradition that derives its name for the two words "oru" for fold, and "kami" for paper. But historic records show that origami in its first use, was not the art form we know today, but rather a method of folding official documents in such a way that they could not be duplicated. Items such as gifts accompanied by papers verifying their authenticity, or otherwise declaring their ownership, were referred to as "origami tsuki".

How to Make Hemp 
Historical records show that hemp is the oldest cultivated fiber in the world. For thousands of years, its fibers have been used to make everything from rope, to clothing. The material that can be derived from treating hemp fiber, is not only more durable than cotton or wool, but resembles linen in texture, and while stiffer than other fabrics, becomes more comfortable with wear. And acre of hemp produces more fiber, than two acres of cotton.

How to Make Hand-made Envelopes
This article shows you step-by-step how to make envelopes. Learn how to make handmade envelopes with only 5 materials.