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How to Make Handmade Envelopes

This article shows you step-by-step how to make envelopes. Learn how to make handmade envelopes with only 5 materials.

Handmade Envelopes - Easy and Fun

Looking for an family-friendly and frugal craft idea? Making handmade envelopes is a great craft project for anyone. Five easy to locate materials/tools are needed to make a handmade envelope - an envelope template (can be purchased at a store or created at home - read on!), pen or pencil, glue, scissors and paper.

The first step in making an envelope involves the envelope template. Envelope templates can be made at home. To make an envelope template at home, choose any size envelope, open it up and unglue the flaps - instant envelope template.

The second step to making handmade envelopes is quick and easy, too. Choose a piece of paper (any paper works!), and lay the envelope template on the paper. Trace the outline of the envelope template with a pencil or a pen on the chosen paper.

The next simple step takes one back to kindergarten, use the scissors and cut along the drawn outline. Finally, just follow the template for where to fold and crease, use some glue to seal the flaps - be sure to leave an opening for the envelope contents! Stuff the handmade envelope with the contents and that's it!

Handmade envelopes can be created from a variety of papers for a unique look every time. Some paper examples include cardstock, construction paper, scrapbook paper, vellum, magazine pages, gift wrap, wallpaper, stamped paper - be creative and have fun with it! Make homemade envelopes in a variety of different sizes too. Envelopes can be gift enclosure sized to 9x12 large size or anything in between.

Handmade envelopes are a simple craft for anyone. Beware, creating handmade envelopes is an addictive craft-form, before you know it, you'll have a craft area full of handmade envelopes.

How to Make Handmade Envelopes was written by Kim Monaco, a crafty mommy and owner of Learn Crafts Online, a website devoted to bring out the crafter in everyone!