Learn How to Make

Learn How to Make All Kinds of Fuel & Gases

Ever wondered if making your own fuel is possible? Sure it is! If you want know more, look no further.

How is Dry Ice Made?
Anyone old enough to remember "ice boxes", will remember the daily deliveries of huge blocks of ice that kept their meat and food cool inside the icebox, a forerunner of the refrigerator. But those blocks were hugely messy when they melted, and turned to liquid.  
How to Make Hydrogen
This is a fun experiment for kids, and needs only minimal parental supervision, according to how far they take their curiosity.

How to Make Biodiesel
In the eternal search for cheaper fuels, and a way to eliminate the use of fossil fuel from our environment, some clever researchers have come up with a way of making your own biodiesel fuel. But while it is often promoted as something you can "make at home", there are a number of things to consider, first.