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Learn How to Make Lots of Things You Wear

Wouldn't it be nice to make things that you can wear? Everything from togas to bracelets...we got it here!

How to Make Beaded Bracelets
A great hobby for children and even teens, is beading. It's fairly simple, and has tons of opportunity for them to exercise their creativity when making up patterns and color combinations. One of the most popular bead items today, are bracelets. But while stringing them is pretty much the same, what they are strung on, and how you finish them off, can make all the difference to how well they wear and how long a bracelet lasts.

How to Make a Toga
Fraternities are not the only place to wear a toga. Lots of people choose funky costumes and dress-ups for family gatherings, Halloween, and other occasions. And of course, a toga is relatively simple, but it's more than just a bed sheet.

How to Make a Handbag
This article not only shows you how to make a handbag, but it helps you to focus on relaxation and enjoyment in the process.

Nursing Shirt
How to make an adorable nursing shirt for breastfeeding comfort.