Learn How to Make

Learn How to Make a Bridal Shower Budget

It's quite easy to make your bridal shower budget. You can learn where your expenses might be, and avoid extra costs.

Bridal Shower Budget

Your bridal shower budget will influence most of your planning. Consider the number of people throwing the bridal shower, as the cost will be divided. Try and come up with a figure that is affordable for all involved.

Having a bridal shower budget checklist will be very helpful. Make a list of all categories of your party, start to finish, that will have an expense.

* Beverages
* Bridal shower gift
* Cake
* Decorations
* Disposable cameras or other photo costs
* Favors
* Food
* Games
* Invitations
* Music
* Paper goods: plates, cups, napkins, utensils, etc.
* Prizes

Once you have your checklist completed, determine the number of guests. Your bridal shower food and drink, will be two of your larger expenses. Think about what is within reason for the number of guests invited.

Go over each item in your wedding shower budget checklist, and allot a certain amount to each category, until you are happy with the results. Keep your priorities in mind. For instance, having less guests, would save money, but you may decide you can't cut the guests list. In this case, the food can be less extravagant, or you might just serve cake and coffee.

Starting your planning with a budget will help you to focus your attention on what's important, and will also be a time saver.

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