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Learn How to Make Wedding Favors

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You can learn how to make wedding favors cheap and easy. Here are some ideas to get you started...

Make Wedding Favors with these Ideas

As a way of thanking your guests for their participation in your special day, give them a small favor at the reception to help them remember this event.  It is challenging, however, to find the right favor for your wedding and your guests.

Firstly, favors do not have to be expensive to be meaningful.  If you are on a tight budget, homemade favor such as cookies, candy, soap, or candles, or purchase something small or meaningful for less than $2 each.  Making favors may take more time, especially in the last days before the wedding, but it can help your budget.  You may want to inquire the help of friends, family and bridesmaids if you choose this route. Do not skimp on favors, but don’t feel bad about creating something beautiful for your guests on a low budget. 

Remember if you plan to give favors such as candles, potpourri or soap that have fragrance, you wont want to place them at the table to mingle with food and create an unpleasant aroma.  Set up a table by the entrance of the reception hall where guests can pick up their favors when leaving. 

An easy ‘$2’ option is a small picture frame with the couple’s photo or an insert saying the date and couple’s names.  You can even pick up photo magnets that guests can place on their refrigerator to remind them of the couple on a daily basis.

Another option is to offer favors that go along with the meal.  Give a box of fudge or chocolate-covered cherries.  Almonds or fancy nuts can be placed in a decorative box for a special touch.  You can try chocolate candy bars in different shapes, a heart, rose, or have the label say something unique about your wedding.  If you prefer something a little more romantic, you can always wrap the candy in plastic to keep it protected and then wrap it in a piece of toile with coordinating ribbon. 

The key is to show your guests that you put time and effort into choosing or making favors.  You want the guests to feel special and impressed with your choices and work.  They should feel as though they were a part of the planning process, not an after thought