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How to Make Home-Made Snow Globes

Ever wonder how to make a snow globe? It's a fun and easy craft to learn.

Home-Made Snow Globes

This is a great craft for Christmas or afterwards when the children are stuck at home. Even little hands can help.

You will need the following items:
* Several clean baby food jars with lids
* Wax paper, glitter, or sequins for snow
* Small plastic toys or figurines
* Silicone for sealing showers or bathtubs
* Mineral oil or water (Mineral oil will actually allow the snow to "fall")

I recommend making one on your own before involving the kids. That way you can perfect the method and their creations will turn out beautiful.

Start by glueing the figurine to the lid with the silicone. This will need to dry over night or as directed by the tube of silicone.

Next, fill the jars with your chosen snow material. I chose sequins becuase I liked how they looked when falling in water. It was also easy for little fingers to pick up sequins and deposit them in the jars.

Now, fill a deep bowl with water. Gently fill your jar- making sure to keep the sequins, glitter, etc. at the bottom. Now, gently submerge the jar - lid up - into the bowl. Then, put the lid under the water and make sure their are no air bubbles trapped under it. Twist it onto the jar. Remove jar with lid attached and turn jar upside down. Dry jar and lid completely. Be carful to not wiggle the lid as this will cause water to squirt out.

Take your tube of silicone and squeeze a good amount around the lip of the lid as you turn it around. You will want to make a good seal on the lip of the lid so that their are no air pockets. Again, the silicone will need to dry over night. Be careful to not wiggle the lid because this will cause pressure on the water and will cause it to weaken the silicone and create a leak.

When the silicone is dry, your snowglobe is basically finished. You can decorate the jar and lid further with glass paint markers or metal markers or paint. Have fun!

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