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How to Make Money Reading Tarot Cards

Reading tarot cards for profit could be a very enjoyable way to make money.

I See Money In Your Tarot Cards

A lot of people scoff at the use of tarot cards, an ancient form of divination. But when the cards are spread on the table these same people can't resist finding out what the layout means. No one can resist the mystery of the psychic world.

Being a psychic I know this from experience. When someone finds out I am psychic he or she assumes either a polite expression of interest or rolls their eyes while at the same time throwing up their mental guard.

Deep down inside everyone, including the skeptics, believes in the ghostly side of life. Not out of superstition so much as from instinct.

Tarot cards aren't dangerous. They won't bring the devil springing through your floorboards. The Tarot is a tool that enables the diviner to glimpse the past, the future, and into the soul of the person for whom the cards are being laid out.

Heck! Reading the Tarot is a lot of fun!

Tarot card readers are usually women. But there are men who dabble in the field, and shouldn't be embarrassed for doing so.

I bet if a man suggested laying out the cards at a bachelor party his friends would laugh. But after the cards were on the table the men would start asking their meaning, with manly scorn of course while crowding around the table for a better look.

No one can resist.

This home business is a moneymaker! Tarot card readers are often hired for private readings, bridal showers, and bachelorette parties.

Always stress your readings are for entertainment purposes only. People often take readings seriously, even if they don't mean to.

Panic levels shoot through the roof if the death card appears. You want to keep your clients calm and out of the hospital. If the death card should appear give it a mysterious metaphorical meaning that has nothing to do with your client dying.

Advertise your business in your local paper, at bridal shops, and on college bulletin boards. You may have passed houses with a sign out front reading "Tarot Card Readings" or something similar. You can get a lot of walk-ins that way.

To be honest, I don't allow walk-ins. These days it is simply too dangerous to let a stranger into the house.

I charge $25 for a private reading, and $50 for parties. Not a lot, perhaps, but I do this work on a part-time basis. I would probably charge the same if I worked this business full time. The prices seem fair to me.

To learn how to read the Tarot visit this website to check out their free online course: http://www.learntarot.com/

Reading the Tarot for other people is fascinating work that has existed for centuries. Kings and queens have relied on it, as well as the poor village 'witches' who served as doctors for the villagers until their unjust fiery end at a stake.

These days, though, your clients are willing to pay you excellent money for a reading instead of a few chickens.

And the matches will remain in the drawer.

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