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How to Make Money Doing Face Painting

Face painting doesn't take a lot of skill -- you just need to know the secrets of the pros to do simple designs quickly.

Easy Face Painting:
Even If You've Never Picked Up A Paintbrush

Just a Few Places to Market your Face Painting Business:

The business of Face Painting can be a success at almost any occasion where children gather, celebrate, play, read, ride, run, eat, learn, sing or just hang out.

Birthday Parties - It seems obvious, as this is the Number 1 occasion for face painting. Face painting at birthday parties can span all ages from 2 up to even teenagers. You can cater your designs to the appropriate age and theme of the party.

Restaurants - Many restaurants have particular nights of the weeks when they cater to families with children. They may offer "Kids Eat Free" or provide specials for youth sports teams who come in after their games. Face painting is a great good-will effort to show patrons that children are welcome and valuable to the establishment.

Corporate Picnics/Events - Large or medium-sized companies oftentimes hold picnics or other social events for the families of their employees.