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How to Make a Good Cup of Coffee

YUM! Regular coffee is loved by people the world over. Here are simple instructions how to make the perfect cup of coffee.

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How To Make A Great Tasting Cup Of Coffee - It’s Not Rocket Science

There is good coffee and absolutely abysmal coffee. Both may start with the same elements, but one cup can taste completely different to another. Freshness is the key to great tasting coffee. Here is the play by play smackdown of how to create a fantastic tasting cup of coffee.

1. Use good beans. Go to a local coffee roaster and buy only enough coffee beans to last you a week. Buying fresh beans is one key to good taste. When you buy beans make sure the beans are all relatively the same size and same color for even grinding and flavor. If you buy beans from the supermarket at minimum, check to see if the beans are Arabica.

2. Use filtered water. Even if your coffee maker has a charcoal filter it is best to start off with filtered water to ensure there are no impurities like chlorine or minerals to alter the real taste. Use cold water.

3. For the best tasting coffee ensure you have a coffee maker which can brew up to 95 to 98 degrees Celsius, just off the boil. This temperature is the optimal temperature to get the best flavor out of the bean.

4. The grind. Only grind as much coffee as you are going to need for that moment. The finer you grind, the more flavor you will receive. The grind has to be even to ensure even taste. If you are using a cheap coffee maker you should only use a medium grind to avoid the over-extraction. However, grind to your equipment’s recommendations.

5. Use two level tablespoons of coffee per cup. If you are making more than 10-cups of coffee you should use the strength meter on its highest position possible to allow more water to penetrate the grounds evenly.

6. Use unbleached coffee filters or ensure your permanent filter is free from all coffee sludge. When it comes to coffee, cleanliness is next to Godliness.

7. Stir the pot. Once the coffee is brewed, stir the pot to infuse the taste.

At bare minimum, these steps should always be used when making coffee. Think about the farmer’s in the field, if you skip a step are you doing their hard work justice? On a selfish note, missing one of those steps will affect the taste of your coffee, even slightly. Other things to make a great cup of coffee are:

1. Always ensure your equipment is clean. Old coffee sludge can really change the taste of coffee. Polident can clean your equipment to almost new.

2. NEVER reuse coffee grinds.

3. NEVER grind beans just taken out of the freezer. Let them thaw first.

4. Always store coffee in air-tight containers away from direct sunlight.

5. NEVER leave the coffee on a heater for longer than ½ an hour. It gets a burnt taste and smell.

6. Always warm your cup and never reheat coffee.

The best coffee starts with fresh beans, clean equipment and clean water. Adhering to at least those three guidelines will give you great tasting coffee. Everything else is just gravy.

About the Author: Kate Simpson is a freelance writer who contributes for the Coffee Bean Queen - http://www.coffeebeanqueen.com/ – a website offering information on everything from coffee to coffee making and more.


How to Make a Good Pot of Coffee 

What is the first thing you need when you wake up in the morning?  A cup of coffee.  It wakes you up; prepares you for the day ahead; and gives you that special something you need to get moving.  The worse thing is to wake up, pour a cup of coffee, and ugh!.....it’s horrible.  To avoid this early morning annoyance, here is how to make a good pot of coffee.

First, you need to buy a bag of good coffee. We prefer either French Roast or a similar bold flavor.   You can also choose to buy it ground or whole bean.  If you have a coffee grinder, you can easily grind your own coffee.

Second, you need a really good stainless steel percolator.  If you have the automatic drip coffee maker, it will work just as well.

Third, the rule of thumb to making a good cup of coffee is one hefty teaspoon of coffee grounds per every two cups of water. Note that most coffee cans come with a scoop, and you may use that as well.  However, depending upon how strong you like your coffee, you may choose one or two teaspoons or scoops per cup.

Fourth, whether you are using a percolator or an automatic drip coffeemaker, the same rules apply.  Let’s begin with the percolator.  Fill the coffee pot with cold water up to the designated line that is marked inside the pot.

Next, add your ground coffee to the basket. Place the basket inside the pot, cover it and set on stove to boil.  Begin with medium to high heat, then lower the gas when boiling commences.  Percolate for about 5-6 minutes (or longer if you desire strong coffee).  Turn off the gas, let it sit for a minute or two until percolating has ceased. The coffee is ready. 

If you are using an automatic drip coffee maker, fill the glass carafe with very cold water to the desired amount of cups you wish to make.  Then open the lid to the reservoir and pour the water into it.  Next, open the filter door and place a filter into the slot. (Note: some automatic drip makers come with their own gold filters).  Add the ground coffee to the filter, again depending upon how strong you prefer the coffee to be - add one to two teaspoons per cup.  Press the button to the on position, and your coffee should be ready in 10-15 minutes.

Love that aroma!  There is nothing in this world that is better than a good pot of coffee!

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