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How to Make Your Own Clay with Cornstarch

Not all art and craft supplies need to be store bought. This clay recipe is easy to make - and safe for little ones who don't know not to eat it!

Homemade Clay Recipe

1c. Cornstarch
2c. Salt
Enough Water to Make a Thick Paste.

Stir while cooking, and cook until stiff.

Allow this to cool, and cover with a damp cloth until ready to use.

Coloring may be added before cooking or when molded; let dry, then paint with water color.

Clay can always be broken up, dampened, and used again - even after it has been painted. When it has been used, but has not been allowed to become hard, poke holes in the clay with your finger or with a pencil, fill these with water (to restore the original dampness) and place in an airtight crock or in a galvanized pail with a tight cover. A damp cloth placed over the clay will help to keep it moist until the next time.

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