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How to Make Bacon and Eggs

Bacon and Eggs -- what a wonderful combination.  There is nothing more satisfying that having fresh bacon and eggs for breakfast.  How to fry bacon is the easy part; choosing what kind of bacon to fry is the question. Depending upon your diet, there are a variety of bacon products to choose from.   Here is a simple recipe for frying bacon.

What You’ll Need
A Non Stick Griddle or Skillet Pan
Paper Towel

Place your griddle pan or skillet on the stove.  Set heat to medium or high.

Since bacon contains fat, you will not need to grease your pan before cooking.  

Open the package of bacon and take out as many strips of bacon as you will need.  Remove the rest of the bacon from the package and wrap it in tin foil and place it back in the refrigerator.  Note: Wash your hands after you handle the raw bacon before you proceed with the frying.

When the pan or skillet is sufficiently heated (you can tell by placing your hand over the pan to feel the heat), you are ready to fry the bacon.   

Place the strips of bacon onto the griddle or skillet using the tongs.  You will hear the sizzle once they are placed in the pan.  Wait a few minutes until you begin to notice the bacon curling; then turn it over with a tong.  Do not stay too close to the pan as the grease from the bacon may spurt out, causing a burn.

Once you have the strips cooked, take them off the pan with the tong and place them onto the paper towel placed on a plate.  Keep in mind, the bacon is still in the cooking process. Therefore, the remaining grease will drip off the bacon onto the towel. 

While you’re waiting for the bacon to stabilize, why not make some eggs to go with it?

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